One Line At a Time

Let’s face it: you are meant to be a published author.

You have BIG ideas, incredible STORIES, and a ton of value to share.  

All you need to do is buckle down and actually WRITE them all, so you can flash forward to holding your finished manuscript, complete with a title page that reads...  

“by [just insert your name here].”  

Cue the Amazon reviews, influx of new clients and/or fans, and maybe even a movie deal. 😉  

But getting from blank page to shaking hands at your book signing is no walk in the park.  

Trust me, I know.  

I’ve written quite a few books myself, and I’ve helped over 150 writers become authors, so I know ALL about the struggles of writing.  


The “but I have no time” problem.

The “but I don’t feel inspired right now” problem.

The “but I don’t know what to write” problem.

And, the worst of them all, the “but what if it’s not good enough” problem.  

The good news is I’m here to help you with ALL of those problems (and then some).  

Because writing a book doesn’t have to be hard.  

Lucky for YOU, I’ve got tons of tricks to make it easy.  

Just imagine that writer’s block is a vampire, and I’m like Buffy . . . swooping in to help you SLAY that ‘ish.  

The latest magical way to work with me is One Line at a Time.  

One Line at a Time is a society of writers who support each other in making their bookish dreams come true (kinda like a Harry Potter house #teamSlytherianforlife). And I am your prefect.  

While I can’t promise butterbeer or wands, you will get the following over the course of 90 days:  

🤩 Nine live Zoom writing sessions throughout the three months so you have designated time to write ($4,500 value). 🤩 A Facebook group to interact with other writers. There will be opportunities to share your work in “open mic” type events, give each other feedback, and have milestone celebrations ($2,000 value). 🤩 65 messages for accountability & encouragement during the program ($1,000 value). 🤩 10% discount off our editing services ($500 value).  

And BONUS! One three-hour outlining call upfront or three one-hour calls that will be unlocked by turning in work throughout the three months ($1,000 value).  

This is valued at $9,000, but your investment is $1,500.

Want to finally get your book done (in 90 days)? Just fill out a quick Cosmo-style quiz below and book a time with Kathryn, our unofficial Sorting Hat, to make sure you are put in the perfect group. 

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"Let Sarah do her job! Hiring Sarah was a huge blessing to me and my writing process. Allowing Sarah to guide me through her process and listening to her insights caused me to dig deep and write an incredible body of work that hit #1 within six hours of releasing it. Sarah is honest, keeps her to commitments to timelines, and is an all-around pleasure to work with. If you are looking for a high quality, professional level of support, hire Sarah!” 

- Danielle Randall  

“Working with Sarah was a pleasure. I didn't really know what to expect as this was my first time in writing a book. Sarah was calm and very reassuring. Her editing was very thorough, and I loved the way she explained why she amended things or nudged me in the right direction. There were times I felt I didn't know how I was going to ever finish, but she encouraged me and pushed me in a way that stretched me, which helped my writing immensely. I would definitely recommend working with her. She is such a positive influence.” 

- Pamela Sommers  

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